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15th September 2017
A bit like a slow moving old man (oh yes, that's me!) I've added some new photographs to various galleries, and created a new one - Infra Red. This following the purchase and conversion of a second-hand camera. I sent it away to ACS who did the tricky work, and I'm now enjoying experimenting with it and seeing how many tones of grey it can record. I hope you like the end results.
12th September 2017

A bit late I know, but I am one quarter of this exhibition at Burton Constable Hall. Although it was due to finish on Wednesday 20th September I'm pleased to tell you that it has been extended to Saturday 23rd, so if you are in the area pop in and have a look. The hall itself is well worth a visit, as are the gardens.
25th August 2017
You probably know how it is, setting out with good intentions, but then life gets in the way and bingo! years pass by in the blink of an eye.
I have no excuses - lots of things have happened, too many to list here, and you would only start yawning anyway. Suffice to say I am looking to revitalize things, starting with my indolence.
One of the main things to have changed (but not completely) is that I am doing more digital photography - eek! - having invested some of my kids inheritance on a full frame camera (Canon 5Ds) and a couple of lenses to suit. Having done the dead, I also finally did what I had been wanting to do for years, convert a camera to Infra Red. Well, I didn't, the experts at ACS did. And while I had been expecting to convert my old Canon 10D when I bought a second-hand 40D, then planned to convert the 40D when I got the 5Ds, I eventually decided that I had got so used to full frame that anything else was going to be 2nd class (yuk!), so bought a 5D Mk.III from a well-known internet auction site (called eBay) and had that converted. More kids inheritance gone. By the by, I heard on the radio today someone say they were going on holiday to ski. Turned out it wasn't winter sports but Spending Kids Inheritance. Nice one.
I'm really enjoying using these cameras, how good are they these days! Also I'm using my iPhone camera regularly when out and about, and using the Snapseed app for post-processing images.
However, dear reader don't fret, because I still enjoy going out with the big 6x17 panoramic, so the website title remains.
Proof in the form of photographic updates to follow, but meantime I'm happy to be back!
21st February 2013
Hello again! Long time no speak, but I've been busy busy with various things, thankfully some of them involving cameras!

I'm delighted to say that two of my photographs have been selected for the 2013 Open Art Exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery in the centre of Hull. The exhibition commences with a preview evening on Friday 22nd February and runs through until Sunday 28th April. The two photos in last years exhibition both sold, so fingers crossed for this year!

Bye for now.
20th December 2012
Well perhaps that's a slight exaggeration, but I now have a Scotland gallery, following a brief four day trip up there end of Oct/beginning of Nov, and one and a half of those was taken up with travelling, so not much time for photography.

The weather wasn't very co-operative but the autumn colours were fabulous. Hope you like it.

Lang may yer lum reek!
09th December 2012
I hope this finds you in good health, and organised for Christmas (oh gawd I'm not!).

Just a brief note to say I have got four pictures on display at Drewton's Farm Shop/Restaurant, an award-winning deli, farm shop, cafe/restaurant, wine cellar, gift emporium. They are keen to support local providers and as I live half a mile down the road I guess I qualify!

Have just heard today that one of the pictures has sold twice over, so will have to print/mount/frame one darned sharpish for the second order (a Christmas pressie apparently), and another something to fill the space on the wall. Both will be done this week.

Just in case I don't shove another update on here before the festive season, I wish you a sincere very happy Christmas and good luck and health in 2013.

Now where did I put that corkscrew...?
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